Advertising Policy



Advertising displayed on the interior of Span Denton County buses shall be strictly commercial in nature and purpose.


Because Span serves persons of all ages and backgrounds and strives to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all passengers, the following types of advertising are prohibited:


  • Materials that contain false, misleading, libelous, slanderous, or deceptive images.

  • Advertising for tobacco, tobacco-related products, alcoholic products, and illegal drugs.

  • Advertising for adult products, services or entertainment directed to sexual stimulation.

  • Advertising of contraceptive products or hygiene products of an intimately personal nature.

  • Advertising that depicts sexually explicit, obscene and/or pornographic images or words.

  • Advertising that portrays graphic violence.

  • Advertising that contains discriminatory, derogatory, negative or personal attacks against individuals, groups, or organizations.

  • Advertising that is political.

  • Advertising that is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action, or is likely to incite or produce such action, including but not limited to unlawful actions.

  • Advertising that promotes illegal activity of any kind.

  • Advertising that encourages persons to refrain from using Span Denton County or public transit in general.

  • Advertising that explicitly and directly promotes or encourages the use of means of transportation in direct competition with public transit.

  • Advertising messages that conflict with the mission of Span, Inc.

  • Advertising that contains Span’s name, brand logo, slogans or other graphic representations of the transit system, unless written consent from Span, Inc. is obtained prior to use.


The prohibitions also apply to advertisements that include a website that provides a message that does not comply with this policy.