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Website Update: New tab for Policies and Procedures

Span Transit has been working hard trying to come up with ways to make their website more user friendly. The first change to roll-out is a new tab/page dedicated to policies and procedures. No longer do users have to dig  around on the site to understand how things work for their particular location.

Now a user can click on the Policies and Procedures tab, which takes them to a page that separates the policies and procedures into city and county, easily identifiable by the corresponding graphic associated with each link. 

Clicking the link opens the policies and procedures, and if you click on the graphic, it takes you to the county or city webpage. 

If your worried you might forget what to click, their is nothing to fear! At the top of the page they have conveniently included simple instructions to help you navigate the page – just in case you need it.

There will be more changes on the horizon, so check back in again soon to see what else we have done. In the meantime, feel free to check out our new page!