Span provides transportation services in Denton County.  Service to and from certain cities and the types of services available depend on Span’s arrangements with a particular city and availability.

We do provide some Medicaid trips outside of our service area, depending on availability.  Please contact the Span Transportation office at (940) 382-1900 to check for availability.

You will need to complete a rider application, click here. Once we receive your application, you will usually be notified within 15 business days if you qualify.

The price of your fare depends on several factors, such as what city you live in, and if you are a veteran. Please see the fares section of your resident city’s policies/procedures by click here.

Span only accepts cash or ParaPass Cards.  Once you are qualified as a rider, you will be issued a ParaPass card and can pre-load money onto your card.  More money can be added to the card at any time by calling our main office at (940) 382-2224.

To schedule a ride, call our transportation line (940) 382-1900.  You will be notified of your pickup time via electronic voice message after 5PM the day prior to your ride.  You will be notified again when your driver is on the way.

We will do our best to accommodate your requested time.  However, we offer a “shared-ride” service and so you may need to schedule your pick-up a little earlier in order to allow for unexpected delays such as traffic.

Because we offer a “shared-ride” service, our drivers are only able to wait for approximately 5 minutes after arrival.  We ask that you call our office at (940) 382-1900 as soon as possible if you need to cancel or delay your scheduled pick up.

Span drivers may assist you to the door of your pick-up or drop off location and are not allowed to enter a residence, facility, or other destination. If you are in a wheelchair, you must have a safe and accessible wheelchair ramp.  Drivers may not lift a wheelchair, push it over grass, or carry it up or down stairs. If you need additional assistance getting into and out of buildings, you will need to provide a companion rider.  You must call our office in advance to make arrangements to bring a companion with you.

Each rider is allowed up to (5) plastic bags and must be able to manage them without assistance from the driver.  No large grocery purchases or case quantities of items are allowed.  All bags must be able to be easily secured to prevent the bags from overturning and potentially blocking the exits or injuring another rider in the case of a sudden stop. Drivers are not allowed to assist passengers by carrying items.

Span strives to provide the best service to our clients!  From time to time, we know there are ways in which we can improve.  If you have a complaint about service that you or someone you represent received, please click here for more information.